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Are you struggling to find the capacity to grow your business further?

You didn’t get into business to see how many different jobs you can do at once, did you?
Yet, without the right foundation in your business, this is exactly what happens… with every new day finding new demands on your time.

Ever wondered how you can run a better, more profitable business?

ThinkBiz has enabled 100s of business owners, like you, to go from limited growth and available time, to being able to think clearly about their business and grow effectively.

It’s time to think differently about business…

Our proven process enables you to get results fast. As a result of this process, many business owners experience major improvements in productivity and cashflow within months. You can achieve this too as you discover and put in place:

Clearer decision making

Make better, logical decisions and identify the best opportunities for your business

Structured To Scale

Put the right goals & structures in place, so your business grows without demanding more from you

Marketing & Branding

Get better customers, easier, with a clear plan to make your business more attractive to customers
The biggest influence on a business is how the owner thinks

Your Coaches

Travis Windsor

Having equipped hundreds of business owners to scale their business, Travis has enabled many to discover the breakthrough thinking that took the lid off their growth.

With a calm and insightful demeanour, Travis Windsor is a stealthy assassin of the head trash and clouded thinking that limits business growth.

It is a common experience for Travis’ clients to gain breakthrough clarity and resolve in business, cultivating an empowered mindset to champion growth.

The result of this, is a string of businesses, in a host of industries, who can attest to 5x – 10x growth, within 1 -2 years of working with Travis… what will the result be for your business?

Susan Lauder

Having successfully built and sold several businesses of her own, in recent years, Susan has directed her energy to helping other business owners develop and scale their businesses.

Being the master of organisational improvements and finding time you didn’t know you had, Susan empowers business owners to better direct and navigate their business, while developing the team to enable continued growth.

In working with Susan, not only will your business be better equipped to grow, but you’ll likely to discover that business is far more fun than you ever realised it could be.


“Investing in ThinkBiz is one of the best decisions I have made. By using Travis`s proven methods I have achieved great results personally and professionally. The great thing is that he does not sugar coat it, he tells it how it is. If you want the results and to achieve your goals, then listen to this guy and repeat. Not only that, the support he gives is amazing. This guy is a machine and is switched on! Working in the truck arena is a competitive industry, however I am more than confident now than ever in my abilities because I have a plan, a plan to take massive amount of action. If you want to get ahead professionally then get in contact with the team at ThinkBiz”

Steve Kernaghan
Kern River Transport


“Susan mentored me at a time when I had just started in marketing and sales. Her guidance was key to achieving my KPI’s, operating at a high level and staying there at the top. Her goal setting and positive reinforcement techniques among many others paves a way for success, in the now and future endeavours.”

Majella Gee


“We had the pleasure of working with Susan from Thinkbiz from November 2017 to February 2018. Susan worked one on one with all our team members to introduce strategies to improve our prospecting for new business. She also assisted me personally with leadership skills and mindset. She has a wealth of knowledge to assist both business owners and team members achieve their goals. Full of positive energy and enthusiasm, I would recommend her if you need a mentor to assist with growing your business and enjoying the business along the way.”

Ross Woods


“Travis is a true inspiration! His aptitude, passion for his job and understanding of how to get the best out of your business, is in my opinion, unmatched! Glad I got the phone call from him to engage his services and would highly recommend him to people just wanting to help them work on their business and gain a better outcome and presence in the market place. Keep up your good work ThinkBiz!”

Lyle Rogers
Uplec Electrical

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